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Breathtaking views, extensive areas of green meadows and suggestive forests ideal for exciting walks up to the mountains that reach an altitude of 1200 meters, paths with carefully marked paths to be traveled on foot, by mountain bike and even on horseback.

Welcome to Monghidoro: the town of "Quota 1000" and beyond, where the sky seems closer and where you can breathe an almost ... alpine air!


The only town in the Apennines that also has an Alp!

Apennines or alps? If the choice has never seemed so difficult to you, rest assured: BOM also has the solution for this dilemma. The municipality of Monghidoro, in fact, is the only one that can boast an Alpe within its territory.

Pure air, silence, wonderful colors in all seasons, excellent mountain food and the warmth of the people of the country will overwhelm you, transporting you to the colorful world of Monghidorese folk traditions, with events that satisfy all age groups and tastes and places. of really special and unusual interest and charm.

Monghidoro is the ideal destination for you if ...

  • look for the mountain, the one of a thousand meters of altitude, and the sweatshirt even in summer

  • you want to discover a cross-section of mountain traditions and peasant culture through testimonies and places to live;

  • walks, wildlife sightings and forests are your way to relax and enjoy a day away from the city!

Paths, parties, museums: a territory to be experienced

at 360 °

The path network that crosses villages, woods, ridges, mills, is certainly a way to discover all the excellences ranging from the culinary ones (the very famous Pig Festival, Forni & Fornai and the Tartufesta) to the historical ones, such as the small Museum of rural civilization di Piamaggio where to deal with what was the rural life of the past.

A suggestive cistern

From 1500 to today, the Monghidoro Cistern represents the hidden heart of the town, a place where events and anniversaries alternate and which, after centuries, is still a symbol of the town.

In the cloister of the Monastery of San Michele in Alpes, the Olivetan Benedictine monks built, in the first half of 1500, a cistern to collect rainwater. Think that the main well is 7 meters deep!

Monghidoro is your destination? Come and visit us!

Ospitalità & ristorazione

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Top experiences @Monghidoro:

faggeta ok.png

L'alpe in Appennino

Se vi viene voglia di fresco, alta montagna con suggestioni alpine, allora continuate a leggere di questo luogo incantevole!

Mulino Mazzone.jpg

Via dei Mulini

Lungo il Savena e l'Idice i mulini ad acqua da sempre hanno prosperato, connotando i volti della nostra terra.

molino mazzone.JPG

Via Mater Dei

Sacro al profano, la spiritualità e la dimensione godereccia della nostra terra

evento monghidoro

Eventi a Monghidoro

Che programmi avete per questi giorni? Monghidoro vi aspetta con eventi ed appuntamenti.


Scopri iniziative, eventi, attività e servizi per il turismo all’aria aperta sull’Appennino Bolognese

Appennino Open Air

La cisterna1.jpg

Luoghi da scoprire

treccia 2.jpg

Intrecci e scalpelli

Durante le lunghe sere d'inverno le famiglie si riunivano attorno al falò, tra intrecci e racconti

la martina.jpg

Antichi borghi

Strette vie di villaggi in sasso, chiese suggestive e anche la grotta di Lourdes!


Musei unici

Lasciatevi incuriosire dai singoari musei di Monghidoro,: luoghi dove tornare indietro nel tempo e nelle nostre tradizioni!

Parco La Martina

Un polmone verde ricco di fauna, sentieri e... leggende, tra sentieri e luoghi da scoprire

Scopri la pagina dedicata a Monghidoro sul sito di informazione turistica dell'Appennino Bolognese!

Appennino Bolognese

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