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there Via Mater Dei

It is a route of about 157 km which develops in seven stages on mid-mountain ridges and which connects the city of Bologna to nine municipalities of the Bolognese Apennines: Pianoro, Monterenzio, Loiano, Monghidoro, San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Castiglione dei Pepoli , Camugnano, Grizzana Morandi, Vergato and the Municipality of Firenzuola, in the Tuscan territory.



we recommend it if ...

you are looking for a path that unites the sacred with the profane, spirituality with the enjoyable dimension of our land. Also ideal for trying your hand at  day excursions.

you absolutely must ...

photograph the 10 sanctuaries along the way and discover their history, observe how the landscape changes step by step and taste how the same recipes change from one municipality to another

you will like it because ...

you will discover unexpected glimpses, you will see sanctuaries appear in the thick of a forest and monuments on majestic ridges and you will let yourself be guided by historical and cultural suggestions.

From the city of Bologna, with its walls and medieval monuments so famous in the world slowly, walking and sweating, you can find that natural contact with the earth, the wind, the sun, the rain that are the random but essential elements of a real I walk. Step by step, once you arrive at the last sanctuary, once you return to the City, whatever City you live in, everything will have a new face, because your eyes will be new.

Step by step you will cross the hills on the borders of the Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell'Abbadessa, you will discover the small museum of Botroids (anthropomorphic stones or animals found by Fantini), the mysterious Monte delle Formiche, the energetic Monte Bibele with its Celtic Etruscan archaeological area, Palazzo Loup in Loiano, the evocative reproduction of the Lourdes grotto at the Monghidoro campsite, the lake of Castel dell'Alpi, the hamlet of Le Serrucce di Ripoli.

Do you want to discover the Via Mater Dei?

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