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Ofwatersand offorests

Between the Savena and Zena streams and crossed by the sandstones of the same name, both geosites of local importance, the Loiano area is a habitat of rich biodiversity that gives this Apennine area a wild and old-time charm.

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The "canyons" of the Apennines

Even before being shaped by man, the territory of Loiano was deeply engraved by the waters of its streams. On the bottom of the Savena stream, in the locality of Scascoli, the Pliocene Contrafforte has been wonderfully sculpted in scenic gorges, in whose proximity there is a rich vegetation with the presence of bellflower, rosemary leaf epilobium, hemp and aquatic mint. In Quinzano, on the other hand, the waters of the Zena stream have carved the rock to create the suggestive Cascata delle Colore, where many hikers seek refreshment and near which you can see the outline of an ancient mill. Over the centuries, in fact, water has been used by man for sustenance. Thus, walking through the Loiano woods, between one ford and another, you will encounter picturesque ruins of ancient mills, memories of a distant rural life, when in the Savena valley, after the construction of the Casalecchio and San Ruffillo locks, the proliferation of mills for grinding grain. In 1943 there were still 36 functioning and the Molino di Carlino, in the Bibulano area, is an example.

Tips for an unforgettable day in the forest:

  • Before and during your walk in the woods, read a few pages of "Walden or Life in the Woods"; by Thoreau and get in the right spirit.

  • Try hugging a tree to absorb the positive energies it is able to transmit;

  • Go to the Color Waterfall and enjoy this wild corner of peace, a picture framed by its ivy and trees.

Practical guide to the "forest bath"

Prepare your body with some stretching and prepare your mind by focusing on the experience that awaits you. Walk for at least 4-5 kilometers, in silence, trying to order your thoughts, silencing the chaos and focusing on the sounds of nature. Find a place that makes you feel at ease, in tranquility and, closing your eyes, breathe in the scents of the forest, freeing yourself of negativity with every breath. Before you go home, thank the forest for what it has given you, you will see what a great feeling!

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