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A mountain of well-being

Do you want to regenerate yourself a stone's throw from the city?

Here, in the lands of BOM, time, nature, breaths blend together to give you a full well-being, among the foliage of the trees or on the banks of a swimming pool overlooking the mountains. In the municipalities of BOM you can experience true physical and mental regeneration at the rhythm of nature and its quiet slowness, you can slow down, rebalance yourself and experience a radical detox for spirit and body.

Choose your experience, and entrust your well-being to the mountains.

A vacation forregenerate


SPA e relax in montagna

Piscine idromassaggio che affacciano sulle valli e una tisana sorseggiata al tramonto

Cane rivolto verso l'alto

Terapia forestale

A Castiglione dei Pepoli c'è un percorso nella foresta certificato come percorso di "Terapia Forestale"...

loiano web cascata delle colore.jpg

Detox verde

Rigenerati col suono dell'aqua e l'aroma delle resine del bosco: vere fonti di relax e benessere verde

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