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Luce della foresta

The Alp in the Apennines

Yes, you read that right, there is an "Alpe" in the Apennines and it is located in the lands of BOM, in Monghidoro. So, if you feel like fresh, high mountains, lakes that make you feel like you are in the Alps then read on about this enchanting place!

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Cross, beech trees, binocularsand cribs!

Between an altitude ranging from 800 to 1290 meters, the territory of the Alpe extends from the mountain of the Strada della Futa to the center of Monghidoro and you can reach it shortly after the hamlet of Ca' del Costa following the uphill signs.

Among broad-leaved trees, deer, owls and thriving streams, a maze of green and resin-scented paths will open up to you to travel on foot or on your mountain bikes and e-bikes.

There is no shortage of areas where you can rest and refresh yourself with a picnic, perhaps based on typical products purchased in the town's shops.

Ascent to the cross

The ascent to the Croce dell'Alpe is almost a must to fully experience this place.

Starting from the Osteria del Fantorno, the path will take you through the classic Alpe beech woods and does not present particular difficulties.


Once at the Cross you will find binoculars that allow you to admire the panorama as far as the eye can see!

The cribs of the Alps

Stones, leaves, roots become in the paths of the Alpe, the backgrounds of graceful cribs cared for by the families of Monghidoro. The Via dei Presepi is a truly unique path that will accompany you inside the Alpe in a decidedly unusual way.

Keep your eyes peeled: some cribs are so camouflaged in the beech forest that they can hardly be seen!

Come visit!

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