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The land of trees ancient

Ancient seeds, memories of a distant past, have taken root in the fertile lands of Loiano, where today they rush solemnly towards the sky, lulled by the sweet melodies of the wind.

Sentiero nella foresta

Witnesses of the time

Survivors of the history and bad weather of the past, there are several monumental trees that have embellished the territory of Loiano for centuries. In the ancient park of Palazzo Loup (formerly Villa delle Fratte), in the locality of Scanello, a centuries-old Cedro Deodara, about 22 m high, and a majestic Taxus Baccata, about 700 years old, are veterans of important historical events that have marked the history of the nation: from the visit of Pope Pius VII in 1805, returning from France after the coronation of Emperor Napoleon I, to the bombings of the Second World War, which damaged part of them and mutilated the long row of cypresses of the villa, of which only two examples remain.Silent and solemn, with powerful hair and twisted arms, are also the characteristic secular chestnut trees of Loiano, a reminder of Matildic history and a symbol of the mountain tradition of the whole Emilia-Romagna Apennines. We are not only talking about natural heritage, but also about important climate change mitigators. The Castanicoltori Consortium of the Bolognese Apennines is well aware of this, which for years has been proposing and collaborating on initiatives and projects such as Castanea, aimed at revitalizing chestnut cultivation, and CASTANI-CO, dedicated to carbon sequestration.

In search of the centuries-old chestnut groves

Have you ever thought of following an itinerary dedicated to the ancient "bread tree"? Come with us to discover these suggestive and ancient trees.


  • A first centuries-old chestnut wood of considerable beauty can be found near the Loiano pinewood, the starting point for many excursions;

  • In the one near the church of Scanello, on the other hand, the autumn season is inaugurated with the Festa nel Bosco.

  • At the Loiano Astronomical Park, on Monte Orzale, we find the centuries-old chestnut grove of the University of Bologna, of the local “Marrone Biondo” variety, born from the recovery of an ancient layout known as “Matildic”.

A tree to celebrate

From Scascoli's fair brown festival, to the wood festival, passing through the chestnut festival, autumn in the Apennines rhymes with festivals, colors and flavors all dedicated, obviously to chestnuts, browns and products from the undergrowth. The sweet tooth will not be able to miss it!

Come visit!

Tasty tours, natural well-being, paths of history, mysteries and legends, trekking and bike paths: discover the lands of BOM and let us advise you for your next holiday in the Apennines


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