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Beware of Brigands

When the charm of mystery, legends and the most hidden and wild nature is added to the path, the magic is born! The ring "Attention to the Brignati" will take you in the municipalities of the Bolognese mountains up to the first Tuscany and then return to the starting point following more and less known paths, along paths of legends and murky stories.



we recommend it if ...

you are passionate about programs dealing with mysteries, ghosts and outlaws and if you want to discover the most "dark" stories of our mountains,

you absolutely must ...

let you tell the legends of the "Taverns of the Devil" at sunset or in the evening after dinner before going to bed,

you will like it because ...

this path will show you the more "dark" side of our Apennines, a side that very few people know and that lives between legend and history. Moreover, if you walk in spring and autumn, you will be conquered by the colors of the dense forests in the periods of maximum splendor!

The ring dedicated to the ancient brigands of the Apennines follows, for some stretches, the historical road network, enjoying the ancient paths on Roman paving. In others, on the other hand, you walk along paths towards mysterious and legendary places such as the Osteria del Fantorno and the Osteria Bruciata, now reduced to piles of rubble but always places full of charm.

This trek will take you in the midst of beautiful beech and chestnut woods, in nature made up of enchanted clearings, unexpected views, historic villages full of tales and legends . 

Furthermore, the itinerary is not particularly difficult and in the hardest stretches traditional food and good wine will take care of making you forget the fatigue.

Io sono San Giorgio

Nome dell'opera: Io sono San Giorgio

Artista: Enrico Menegatti

Dove si trova: San Benedetto Val di Sambro - guarda su google maps


Le Colonne della Memoria

Nome dell'opera: Le Colonne della Memoria

Artista: Paolo Vivian

Dove si trova: a Monzuno - guarda su google maps


Il Soffione

Nome dell'opera: Il Soffione

Artista: Marta Zucchinali

Dove si trova: a Monghidoro - guarda su google maps


Lupus Lujanes

Nome dell'opera: Lupus Lujanes

Artista: Rodolfo Liprandi

Dove si trova: a Loiano - guarda su google maps


Cinghiale Celtico

Nome dell'opera: Cinghiale Celtico

Artista: Gianluigi Zeni

Dove si trova: Area Archeologica Monte Bibele - guarda su google maps

cinghiale celtico.jpg

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