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Brushstrokes offoliage

Yellow, amber, red and gold. The woods are starting to change color and the time has come to let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the foliage, a triumph of all-natural shades that represents one of the experiences to be lived in the mountain autumn,


Where to admire the spectacle of the forest

Put on a warm sweater, put on your hiking boots and bring your camera with you, the time has come to experience the foliage, one of the most awaited and loved moments of the year.

Everywhere, in the lands of BOM, the woods are colored with warm and overwhelming shades, creating breathtaking contrasts when the days are clearer or taking on mysterious and evocative features when the fog rises.

The foliage experience is a "must" of the season and here, a stone's throw from the city, you can live it and fall in love with it alone, with your family or with your friends.

You can certainly not miss a ride in the La Martina Park, in the Historic Park of Montesole or in the forests that cover the paths of the great paths that cut our lands.

Other places to admire the foliage in the Bolognese Apennines are the shores of our lakes: from the basin of Castel dell'Alpi, to Lake Santa Maria to Lake Tavianella, where yellow, red, ocher and gold almost seem to dive and merge into the calm waters. 

The perfect landscape to photograph

If you love photography then you cannot miss an album entirely dedicated to foliage. Here is a list of photos that you absolutely must take to immortalize the magic of autumn:

- A photo of the shores of Lake Santa Maria (Castiglione dei Pepoli;

- the forests of the Alpe di Monghidoro;

- the Montorio Tower which stands out among the colors of the forest in the Municipality of Monzuno

- the villages of San Benedetto Val di Sambro during the "golden hour", when stones and leaves look alike!

- The chestnut groves with their urchins in the Municipality of Loiano;

- the huts of Monte Bibele wrapped in new colors in the Municipality of Monterenzio

An unforgettable day in the woods

Have you chosen where you want to go to admire the foliage?

Well, once you've made up your mind, check the weather and dress in layers, warm and comfy. Bring your camera or keep your smartphone in your hand, there will be plenty of fun! Bring a thermos with a hot drink to pamper yourself and warm up while admiring the wonder of colorful and silent nature.

If you are with children, play this game: collect the leaves from the ground and try to recognize which tree they belong to. Take them home and create an autumn picture to keep (and send us the photos!).

At some point in the day, we bet you will be peckish. Don't worry: trattorias, restaurants and shops are waiting for you to refuel with mushrooms, truffles, tortellini and game.

Come visit!

Tasty tours, natural well-being, paths of history, mysteries and legends, trekking and bike paths: discover the lands of BOM and let us advise you for your next holiday in the Apennines


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