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Foresta verde

Landscapes with an alpine flavor

What do you think about when you imagine a cool mountain lake? Perhaps clear waters surrounded by thick fir forests? Well, because you can find them here, just above Castiglione dei Pepoli, a stone's throw from the city at the end of a relaxing walk on the surrounding mountains.

castiglione abetaia.jpg

A pure mountain paradise

You know that scent of resins, fir needles and damp wood?

If you want to leave at the very thought of it, then your destination is the Tavianella Mountains (1163 m) and Coroncina (1168 m), where there is an artificial lake that has all the characteristics of an alpine lake, but also Monte Baducco (1000 m). ) and the suggestive Abetaia with its refuge.

Welcome to the forests and mountains that overlook Castiglione, Roncobilaccio and Baragazza, a destination for those who love walking, enjoying nature on the saddle of a MTB, or for those looking for a destination that allows you to experience the "real" mountain a stone's throw from the city. Also perfect for a picnic and memorable photos here, where tall fir trees touch the sky and conceal streams, you will feel like you are walking inside a documentary.

Among the places not to be missed is the "Cottede Forest", a green lung, uncontaminated, lush with vegetation and rich in wild animals (roe deer, fawns, deer), where numerous varieties of birds and insects live together.

Lago di Tavianella min.jpg

A day at the Refuge

Do you want to find refreshment and clear air in an uncontaminated oasis? An ideal stop for excursions, walks and picnics is the famous Rifugio Ranuzzi Segni in the shade of the homonymous fir forest in the frame of Monte Baducco.

From here you can choose from numerous trails, trekking or mountain biking, to climb into the forest up to the two peaks, of Monte Bagucci (1104 m)   and Monte Gatta (1160 m), or go down to source of Bagucci or on the banks of the Brasimone.
In short, the peace of the mountain and the freshness of the lake! this too is Castiglione dei Pepoli.

A ring to discover

Here is a ring tour that will take you to discover, within a pleasant day of walking or cycling, places of great charm. You can start from the Boccadirio Sanctuary and take the CAI 013 path towards Valli and then Castagnaccia. After an easy dirt road, turn around Monte Coroncina up to Case Tavianella. After passing the houses, continuing on the paved road, on the right is the path and detour that leads to the lake and finally, taking path 017, in about an hour, you will return to the Boccadirio Sanctuary.

Come visit!

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