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Once upon a time there was... the sea!

Whether you are looking for a curious destination for a day in nature, or you are traveling along the Path of Gods, the "Traversata delle Cinque Valli", or the Gothic Line, you will still come to its presence: the Pliocene Contrafforte, a geosite of regional importance in Emilia- Romagna that testifies to the distant past of these lands

Fossil Animal

Geologists for a day

In the surroundings of Monzuno we find the Natural Reserve of the Pliocene Contrafforte, the largest in Emilia-Romagna. Established in 2006, it protects the unique area that extends for about fifteen kilometers across the valleys of Reno, Setta, Savena, Zena and Idice, culminating in the spectacular reliefs of Monte Adone, Rocca di Badolo, Monte Rosso and Monte delle Formiche.
Walking in the locality of Brento, you come across powerful sandstone banks full of charm and mystery, in stark contrast to the surrounding wooded environment. To make the visual impact of these cliffs, towers and rock spiers so scenic is the so-called morphoselection, for which materials of different types undergo more or less intensely the erosive action of subaero agents, including the wind, which with the his strength and creativity creates bizarre and unusual silhouettes.
In front of us we have the testimonies of the small marine gulf that was this territory during the Pliocene (5-2 million years ago), when today's Po Valley was still an open sea environment close to which the Apennine chain was already in much of it emerged. In particular, the geological and stratigraphic evidences indicate a shallow sea environment, probably between a delta plain environment and a delta front one.

Now it's your turn!

It's time to put on your boots, arm yourself with notebook, pencil and camera and go!

Come to the heights of the buttress and start a treasure hunt that will take you back 5 million years trying to spot… embedded marine fossils!

Obviously they cannot be collected, but you can try to look for them, photograph them or draw them in your notebook and send us (here: your photos and drawings that we will republish on our social networks!

Come on little geologists!

Not just fossils ...

In addition to representing an important piece of the history of the land of Emilia-Romagna, the area of the Pliocene Buttress hides many other treasures to be discovered. Along your way, camouflaged with the environment, you may come across small containers marked "Geocaching"; thus participating in the largest and most widespread treasure hunt in the world. Here are three geocaches we recommend: Monte Adone Geocache (GCTEKN) - Tombs or doves? (GC42758) - Via degli Dei (Bologna - Florence) (GC597R0). Don't know what Geocaching is? Read more information on the website and

Come visit!

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