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One hectare of pure emotion

In the small hamlet of Scascoli there is a precious “garden of wonders”, where nature and aesthetic research give rise to a luxuriant and evocative natural framework in continuous change. Welcome to the Casoncello Gardens.

Campo dei Fiori

Nature in freedom

When passion and determination combine with professionalism, wonderful things happen. To give life to the botanical jewel of the Casoncello Gardens was Maria Gabriella Buccioli, writer and garden expert, when in 1980 she decided to recover an old family farm to transform it into a love nest in which to give new life to her distant life from the greyness of the city. With tenacity and dedication, the hectare of land, left abandoned for more than thirty years, has been renovated with a harmonious and masterful mixture of ornamental plants and spontaneous flora, also thanks to the fundamental and amazing strength of Mother Nature. Walking through the herb garden, the vegetable garden, the cherry tree meadow, the orchard garden and the many other spaces of this treasure trove of biodiversity, one is immediately overwhelmed by an evocative and unusual potpourri of colors and scents from the ancient but innovative flavor. You enter a magical world, full of plants and animals, where man and nature have created an enchanting tapestry not only to contemplate, but also to savor.   

a very special treasure hunt:

Daffodils, lilies of the valley, cyclamen, hydrangeas, and over a thousand botanical species make this garden a true paradise for the eyes, but in spring the roses steal the show for their beauty and rarity. Here are the roses "not to be missed":

  • spectacular specimen of Rosa banksiae alba normalis, observable at the beginning of April

  • a wonderful Himalayan Rose in the orchard garden

  • the rare and spectacular Variegata rose from Bologna.

Like in Japan

You know those beautiful images of cherry blossoms typical of Japan? Now, to see this incredible and colorful spectacle of nature, just take a tour of the Gardens. You can also integrate the visit by discovering an infinity of native and non-native plants!

Come visit!

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