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By bike on the paths ofMonzuno

The bicycle is the ideal vehicle for those who do not simply want to reach a destination, but love to enjoy the pleasure of traveling with its always new scents, colors and sensations. For an active holiday in close contact with nature.

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Via degli Dei and Monte Venere Trail

The "Monte Venere Trail" is a wide-ranging tour that winds in the area of Monte Venere and Monte Galletto, crossing the Via degli Dei in several points and crossing characteristic villagessuch as Cedrecchia, Belpoggio and Gabbiano.

On clear days it is possible to admire abeautiful view over the Savena, Sambro and Setta valleys.

Monte Sole by bike

Within the Historic Park of Monte Sole there are several hiking trails that
allow you to have a view of the natural environments of the park and pass by
ruins of those that, before World War II, were inhabited towns.

A path that combines nature and history and is very suggestive.

Each of these routes is suitable both for those who are more trained and for those who want to enjoy the territory with all the sweet slowness that it allows. The routes are suitable for both muscle bicycles and e-bikes, to ensure maximum fun for everyone, whether trained or not.

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