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Vacation place of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Madonna dei Fornelli has always been confirmed to be a delightful holiday destination, there are those who pass through here while walking the Via degli Dei or the Via Mater Dei and those who have left their hearts, memories and a great desire to return here.

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Ancient memories and legends

How about a walk through time and legends? Today we take you back a few centuries, as often happens when we set out to discover BOM.

In 1590 rivalries broke out in the parishes located in the highest area of the Savena and Sambro valleys during the search for a place for the construction of a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna. It is said that an extraordinary event put an end to the diatribes: the Holy Virgin indicated where she wanted the Sanctuary to rise with a miraculous snowfall that whitened a portion of land located right at the confluence of the territorial boundary of the five parishes, where a votive shrine and an image of the Madonna holding the child in her arms. The exceptional nature of the event broke all delay and the construction of the Sanctuary was promptly started at the point indicated. In 1630 the church was completed and opened for worship. Thus we have the church of the Madonna della Neve, whose construction also put an end to the plague of 1630. Truth or legend?

And the Fornelli "stoves"?

Madonna dei Fornelli is a place that immediately arouses curiosity, as soon as you read this curious name on the map. The legend speaks for itself about the name "Madonna", but what about the "stoves"?

According to most, the term"stoves" refers to the presence of charcoal burners who lit small fires in the woods to slowly burn the wood and thus obtain coal.
Shortly before entering the village is the small village of Fornello, always with references to fire, which seems to have been the first inhabited center and dates back to the sixteenth century.

According to others, it derives not from Foculus, that is small hearth, but from the word Fornax in reference to a furnace or a crater.

Whatever the origin, one thing is certain: walking through these streets you will seem to be suspended between history and myth!

A day at Madonna dei Fornelli

A stage of great paths, such as Via degli Dei and Via Mater Dei, the starting point of paths and cycle paths, Madonna dei Fornelli is not only suitable for a day in the mountains a stone's throw from the city but also for a quiet excursion of slow discovery of villages, history and stories.

If, in addition to walking, you also love to enjoy village life, take some time to enjoy the slow rhythms and go and visit the sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve with its image of the Madonna with child, the same venerated in those early years of '600, a large oil on copper, is now placed on the apse and dominates the high altar.

Come visit!

Tasty tours, natural well-being, paths of history, mysteries and legends, trekking and bike paths: discover the lands of BOM and let us advise you for your next holiday in the Apennines


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