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The lands of Memory

The Monte Sole Historical Park, between the Reno and Setta valleys, is a place of silence, memory and storytelling. A tale of history, war, wounds and liberation.

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The trails of Monte Sole

The Monte Sole Historical Park, with its reliefs, now soft, now almost bumpy, has seen different civilizations alternate and preserves important testimonies. Monte Sole is a place where history has left deep marks and a silent warning not to forget. The area is known, in fact, mainly for the episodes of the autumn of 1944, when the Nazis slaughtered hundreds of inhabitants of these lands, erasing centuries of the quiet and hard-working life of the local communities, taking away the future of entire generations that today do not they must be forgotten.

Walking, cycling, discovering the paths of Monte Sole not only will make you experience an incredible natural area but will lead you to touch the signs of the last world conflict by alternating ruins with trenches, on simpler or more difficult routes, such as the ascent to Monte Salvaro.

Flora and fauna, life returns to Monte Sole

In the places of suffering of yesterday, today we see life peeking out again, giving us a great heritage of biodiversity. Walking in the park in the spring you can witness the show of blooms: from trees to rare species of orchids.

The fauna also thrives among the park's forsets: deer, fallow deer, foxes and wild boars but also wolves and spectacular birds of prey.

Along the Wool and Silk Road

Inside the Monte Sole Park, the path of the Via della Lana e della Seta winds its way, which here finds one of its most touching and exciting stretches. Monuments, ruins, the Cemetery, accompany the walker along a path in the history and drama of events, an eternal and silent warning that will remain indelible with you. Walk along the paths of Monte Sole capturing every nuance.

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