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The museums of the mountain

The Museum of Peasant Civilization of the Bolognese Apennines and the Small Museum of the Emigrant are two precious centers of documentation and history that will captivate you among rooms, objects and paths. Come and get your fill of mountain life and traditions!

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Back intime

Have you ever seen the interior of a peasant house? One of the really ancient ones that we sometimes hear our grandparents talk about or of which we only have the images seen from time to time on television?

In Monghidoro you will be able to see, perfectly recreated, the environments of the traditional peasant house and walk there as if you lived there yourself. But it does not end here: you can also see what the old school was like, the Stable, the Mill and the Room of Trades where you will discover details and curiosities about what life was like here, a stone's throw from the city.

The Museum of the Emigrant

Here, on large panels, the history of Italian emigration from 1875 to today is narrated. There are also many photos and objects of the new immigrants, who have made the painful choice to leave their country to look for a different future in Italy which, from a country of emigrants, has now for several years now become a destination for immigrants.

An interactive museum

It is not every day that you can visit a museum like that of the Monghidoro Peasant Civilization. What will strike you most, in fact, is that unlike other museums and exhibitions, here you can not only observe the objects on display but perceive them with all your senses. Who among you has ever entered an ancient stable, made "as it once was"? Entering this environment, for example, you will be inundated by the unmistakable scent of hay and you will almost feel like you can see the animals, as well as .... hear!

Come visit!

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