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Precious braiding and not only

From "difficult stones" to straw braids, here, in our town, ancient processes became an important source of income for families, creating precious centuries-old traditions that are still handed down today.

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Weaves and chisels

The processing of straw braids was for Monghidoro one of the major sources of livelihood. Especially after the war, to round up, women and the elderly, aided by children, devoted themselves to the art of weaving straw, creating hats, bags and other objects. The preparation of the braid is a long process that required many steps and a lot of patience but it has also become a moment of socializing and community, especially during the long winter nights when it was intertwined in the stable, in the warmth of the bonfire and with the elderly talking their stories.

The working of the stone

The numerous villages of our town testify to the fruit of the precious work of the mountain stonecutters of the past centuries, skilled artisans who were able to shape a stone of difficult processing, creating immortal objects and buildings.

Where can you see this stone today? You could find it in the bells, in the walls of the houses or in the monuments.

A braid all for you

If you want to take home a unique piece made by the skilful messengers of one of our artisans then you can find hats, bags and other straw products at one of our festivals.

Come visit!

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