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An historical walk

Walking in the quiet of the historic center of Castiglione is a dip in times gone by. Its solid stone buildings, which surround the vast central square, accompany us to the vast panoramic glimpse. There awaits us an admiring stop and the inevitable souvenir photo, surrounded by festive swallows.

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The stones tell ...

Do you want to take a walk in history? Just take via San Lorenzo, in Castiglione, where time and steps are marked by the striking of the spectacular clock that dominates the facade of the tower overlooking Piazza della Libertà and dating back to the eighteenth century. Once in the center of the square, keep the tower behind you and you will find yourself in front of the elegant Palazzina, joined by a vault to the majestic Palazzo della Ragione (Pepoli). From here the Pepoli have controlled their vast territory for centuries. Solid structures, in sandstone, a symbol of strength and power, which still today tell us about the past of these border lands. Wandering around their rooms takes us back centuries! Thanks to the new historical path you will be able to reconstruct the long history of the Pepoli family and discover artistic beauties in rooms recovered from the public. The walk can only end on the north side of the historic center: an unexpected space,   where you can be enchanted by the view over the entire valley.
Located to the right of the Palazzo della Ragione you can enjoy a magnificent landscape and read curiosities on the graphic table.

A walk to do in the evening

To discover a hidden side of the village, a short walk that in the evening lights up with the lights that indicate the route. Go up Via Sdrucciola in the upper right corner of the square,   go along the staircase that winds between the historic houses and turning left into Via Santa Croce, you will arrive at the Fountain of in front of the Church.

The Fountain was the ancient meeting place of the women of the village intent on doing laundry and in the gurgling of today it seems to hear echoing voices and tales of the past. Looking up from the fountain, Villa Ruggieri surprises you, with a panoramic tower and surrounded by centuries-old chestnut trees.


The Remembrance Park and the War Memorial

You have reached the Belvedere but the tour is not finished yet! Behind the Belvedere, next to the large town hall, you can relax in the shade of the trees of the Parco della Rimembranza where the dart of the "fantone" rises to the sky. This is how il  monument to the Castiglionesi Fallen of the First World War is nicknamed, a majestic bronze sculpture based on marble, around which inhabitants and visitors refresh in the cool of the shady garden.

If you are there, don't move! In summer you can listen to live music while sipping a drink or watch a good movie with the cinema under the stars.

Come visit!

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