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Wonder among the mountains

From Baragazza, it is possible to climb up to a place that smells of enchantment and wonder: the Boccadirio Sanctuary. Step by step you immerse yourself in a mountain landscape steeped in sacred magic, where the stories of a famous apparition blend with art, legends and religious cults of ancient times.

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A jewel of religious architecture

Born from the legend that joins the sacred tales handed down from generation to generation, the Sanctuary of Boccadirio will immediately make you breathe that air of strong sacredness with ancient and authentic roots, a spiritual magic that transcends religious beliefs and that has always belonged to them places.

The Sanctuary area and its surroundings,   since ancient times, is part of a vast mountain area, linked to religious memories, of Christianity, but also of Roman and Etruscan paganism.

Furthermore, every sacred temple is a stage for pilgrimages and even more so when it is located in strategic places, just like this one.

From Boccadirio and from the County of Castiglione passed the most demanding routes that connected the south and north of the peninsula. Going up to Monte Tavianella, one descended towards Montepiano, to flow into the heart of Tuscany and with the growth of the Sanctuary and its religious fame, many curious travelers joined the pilgrims.


A legendary apparition

It is said that two little shepherds, on 14 July 1480 while grazing, in the middle of a religious stop on the slopes of Mount Tavianella, saw the Blessed Virgin who spoke in white robes, to tell them that in that place a temple was to be built in Her honor.  The small church that was immediately built on the other side of the stream, has been transformed over time into a jewel of mountain religious architecture, set in a splendid natural landscape of woods and streams. The image of the Madonna, made by the Della Robbia workshop in the 1500s, is today at the exact point of the apparition.

Ideas for a day at the Sanctuary

Walking and stopping in these places regenerates body and soul. Silence and peace, beauty and harmony: there are all the ingredients to dedicate a special moment all to yourself. If you decide to arrive at the Boccadirio Sanctuary starting from the nearby wooded paths, immersion in beauty will be even more effective. The worthy conclusion of the day will be in one of the typical restaurants: between sacred and profane enjoyment!

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