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The land ofFive Rings

If we were in a film the title would be "The Town of the Rings" and with these premises you can already anticipate what awaits you. In the Municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro, it winds its way through valleys and green forestssbvsoutdoor, the new project for the enhancement of the paths of the territory with 5, brand new, thematic rings of as many different colors, to discover and rediscover the territory on foot, on two wheels or even on horseback, touching all the hamlets with over 75 km of paths .



we recommend it if ...

you want to walk for one or more days, letting yourself be guided by tales and curiosities of the area, to discover "what you don't expect"

you absolutely must ...

try the "Ring of Blades". If this name intrigues you, wait until you find out what awaits you!

you will like it because ...

it will take you to the slow and curious discovery of a territory full of surprises, allowing you to walk as much as you want, where you want and ... how you want. In fact, the rings can be done on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback!

You can also indulge in tasty detours between villages, shops and excellent typical trattorias.

L'ring of the Blades, number 1 - green, measures 17 km with a vertical drop of 743 m and a total duration of 4.5 hours. Its departure is from Ripoli and touches villages and sanctuaries up to the summit of Monte Armato, the peak of the route, between nature and recent history. For the human and historical evidence that touches each other, this ring is perfect for those who love mountain history and art.

L'ring of the Springs, number 2 - blue, measures 14.1 km with a vertical drop of 620 m and a duration of about 4 hours. Its name suggests who the undisputed protagonists of the route are: the cool waters that cut through woods and views along paths that were the border between the Byzantine Exarchate and the Longobard Duchy, a border that today nature has silently hidden. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

L'ring Lake Monti, number 3 - black, measures 16.4 km with an elevation gain of 688 m and a travel time of 4.5 hours. The ring starts from Madonna dei Fornelli and arrives, along a path dotted with villages and ancient buildings, at the picturesque Lake of Castel dell'Alpi, a wonderful corner of the Apennines where you can enjoy the eternal charm of the mountain waters.

L'ring of the Mills, number 4 - yellow, measures 19.3 km with a vertical drop of 737 m and a total duration of 5.5 hours. This is the longest ring and is suitable for walkers who want to try their hand at greater distances accompanied by one of the distinctive elements of our land: the mills and their fascinating timeless history.

L'ring of the Castles, number 5 - red, measures 11.4 km, with a vertical drop of 402m and a total duration of 3.5 hours. This is instead the most suitable route for those who want to take a shorter path enjoying calmly the centuries-old history of this land. His departure from Monteacuto Vallese takes us back in time to 1207, when the ancient fortified outpost dominated the valley as you can experience from the beautiful viewpoint over the valley at the confluence of the sect and Brasimone rivers.

You want to discover these rings?

Tasty tours, natural well-being, paths of history, mysteries and legends, trekking and bike paths: discover the lands of BOM and let us advise you for your next holiday in the Apennines


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