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Medieval panoramas

Do you want to discover a truly suggestive and ancient place that will make you feel like in a historical film? In the Municipality of Monzuno, for more than a thousand years, the Montorio Tower has stood on the cliff overlooking the Setta and Sambro valleys.

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The charm of history

Imagine how the lands of BOM could have been more than a thousand years ago, when the Lombards and Ravenna challenged each other on the edge of the ridges, when the impregnable fortresses were a bulwark of salvation or a sign of doom. History, in our mountains, reveals its most fascinating and compelling faces and also passes through the Torre di Montorio, a thousand-year-old defensive bulwark.
On the ridge that descends from Montefredente, passing through Monteacuto Valese, up to
Rioveggio, right on the rock that rises on the watershed between the Sambro valley and that
del Setta, imposing, full of almost fairytale medieval charm, you can admire and photograph this imposing tower and try to imagine how it must have been here centuries ago ... what a charm the history!

Mysterious origins

In documents it appears for the first time around 1200 but the excavations carried out by the current owner make it go back to the times of Liutprando and the Tower, this is certain, watched over the valley by observing soldiers and armies of every era, from the Middle Ages to the Second World War.

One thing is certain, admiring it you can try to imagine how life must have been here over the centuries.

The Tower and its Memory

In 1985 some British graduates met in Montorio to affix a plaque to the Tower that will remember, as the current owner Berti defines it, the last war service of the ancient Tower.

Peace has finally regained its rights to the tower, and it is to be hoped that it will never lose them again". “In a territory like that of the Municipality of Monzuno, which overflows with history and in which the stones speak, the Tower is listed as the most conspicuous monument; and it truly speaks still today, helping us to understand our history, both distant and recent ”.

Come and visit!

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