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Adrenalinein the woods of the Alps

In the green of the Alpe wood, the Municipality of Monghidoro has set up a brand new amusement park that officially opens its doors to the most daring, adults and children!


The amusement parksuspended in midair

The park is built with raised structures connected and supported by trees already present in the area, fixed and mobile walkways, ropes, tunnels and trapezes invite all participants to test themselves by challenging the fear of height and balance until reaching the feared 11 meters, where the highest Tyrolean in Emilia Romagna awaits the bravest for a leap into the void.

Finally, the whole area also offers affiliated facilities to stay overnight or taste the typical dishes of the place, ideal after this full of adrenaline!

A perfect day for all ages

Tritons Park is the ideal destination for anyone looking for fun, nature and fresh mountain air.

Perfect for all ages, the Tritons lends itself perfectly to "Baby" or adult routes.

The park instructors will support you to take your "first steps" suspended and for every need.

Ideas to end the day? A nice barbecue in the equipped area!

Gentlemen and children: the challenge!

At the tree-climbing station, parents and children can challenge each other in a fun climb on the trees!

Who will win? The strongest parents or the fastest children?

Come visit!

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