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The Path of Mills

Some are hidden by the vegetation, others are the stories of our grandparents and still others we can still admire them in all their beauty and antiquity. These are the mills along the Savena and Idice rivers today united by a fascinating path.

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Steps, routes and waters

Streams, major and minor streams and countless springs have made the lands of Monghidoro ideal for the proliferation of water mills. The greatest concentration of mills can be found along the Rio del Piattello, in the Piamaggio area, where the streams gush from springs at an altitude of one thousand meters!

To see the fascinating structure of the mills you can go to the locality Cà di Guglielmo where you will find four mills in a row not far from each other, continuing the path to Lake Castel dell'Alpi for a day full of waters and mountains.

On the Cà di Guglielmo mill placed in the highest position you can also see an engraving dated mid-eighteenth century.

The "molenda" and the donkey

Having the opportunity to touch the fascinating world of the Mills first hand allows us to imagine what life could be like in these parts.

In the mountain communities it was customary for the miller to collect products intended for grinding from the families with his donkey.

Once the product had been ground, the miller would take the derivative back to the families by retaining the "molenda", a portion of the product as a payment, given the scarcity of money and currency.

The Path of Mills

If the theme of the mills has conquered you then we propose you to walk along a wide and fascinating path that will lead you to discover fascinating themed places. Start from Bologna and its "Mulino Parisio", then head along the Savena Valley towards the "Mulino dell'Allocco" and then head towards "Mulino della Grillara". From there you can continue towards Lake Castel dell'Alpi and continue to Cà di Guglielmo.

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