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There Via della Lana and della Seta

From Bologna to Prato, or from Prato to Bologna, passing through the wildest lands of the Bolognese Apennines, the Via della Lana e della Seta will win you over to the rhythm of its waters and the breathtaking views that cut our mountain. From the hills you climb up to touch the ridges, from the streets of the villages you pass to the paths in the woods to discover the wildest face of BOM!

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we recommend it if ...

you want to test yourself with a path that has more difficult sections and if you are looking for an itinerary in a wild and uncontaminated Apennine that has strong historical connotations;

you absolutely must ...

climb Mount Fontanavidola and observe Mount Vigese and Corno alle Scale from an exceptional point of view and taste how typical recipes change;

you will like it because ...

you will find many "paths along the way", discovering new faces of our lands, first of all the one profoundly marked by the events of the Second World War. The Via, in fact, will take you to the heart of the Monte Sole Historical Regional Park.

130 kilometers of breathtaking landscapes, of which a fascinating part through the lands of BOM, dozens of different natural environments crossed, stories about stories that are intertwined on invisible threads between past and future. If you love walking and are looking for new challenges, then this Way is for you and you can choose whether to leave for the entire itinerary or whether to travel only a few sections for a day of walking or beautiful rides.

Do you want to discover the Via della Lana e della Seta?

Tasty tours, natural well-being, paths of history, mysteries and legends, trekking and bike paths: discover the lands of BOM and let us advise you for your next holiday in the Apennines


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