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San Benedetto Val di Sambro

A dense network of paths, Roman roads and places suspended in time, lakes, food and wine, an altitude of one thousand meters and much more. Welcome to the municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro, land of the Path of Gods path, of springs and stone villages.

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History and nature as far as the eye can see

Distributed along the valleys of the Setta, Lambro and Savena, the municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro makes everyone agree. The landscapes are many and varied, perfect for those looking for the hills or the high mountains, stone villages or a quiet lake where to regenerate, for those who love walking, for those who only move on a mountain bike or for those who want to experiment a romantic horseback ride.

Here, where iconic walks such as the Via degli Dei find some of its most iconic and evocative places, you can discover one of the most authentic and lively faces of the lands of BOM, a stone's throw from the city!

San Benedetto Val di Sambro is the ideal destination for you if ...

  • you are an eternal indecisive and you do not know how to choose between hills or mountains, or between lake and forest;

  • you walk as the Via degli Dei fascinate you and you would like to test yourself along its iconic paths

  • you would spend hours exploring narrow alleys of stone villages, trying to imagine what it must have been like to live in these parts yesterday and ... today!

Monte Bastione, one coin etwo friends

One of the most representative places not only of the municipality and of the whole area of Bologna Montana is Monte Bastione, the place where the two friends Cesare Agostini and Franco Santi, after numerous excavations and with a wonderful determination, the result of studies and passion, brought to light the first section of the ancient Roman road in paving stones that connected Bologna to Arezzo, today called Flaminia Militare. Easily observable among the greenery, the flooring, having not undergone maintenance or replacements, is presented in its original form retaining all its eternal charm.

Historic villages

As you have read, the villages are one of the most fascinating and curious faces of this municipality. Among their streets they hold precious treasures, real gems that are worth a trip to get to know the ancient and profound mountain culture and art. we think, for example, of Pian del Want, an interesting historical nucleus that preserves numerous traces of its ancient origin, with the characteristic shops under the arcades of the historic center. Inside the parish church, renovated after the war, some notable paintings are preserved. Near the town is the Tower, a feudal palace of the fifteenth century still well preserved, with an interesting coffered ceiling with carved rosettes and a fireplace dated 1520.

San Benedetto Val di Sambro is your destination? Come and visit us!

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Top experiences @San Benedetto Val di Sambro

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La Via degli Dei

Monte Bastione, Monte Galletto, Madonna dei Fornelli... in tre parole: Via degli Dei, il grande cammino da Bologna a Firenze attraverso l'Appennino

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Andar per borghi

Stradine strette, mura che cambiano colore al calare del sole, luoghi sospesi nel tempo

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Via Mater Dei

Sacro e profano,  spiritualità e dimensione godereccia della nostra terra

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Eventi a S. Benedetto VDS

Che programmi avete per questi giorni? S. Benedetto Val di Sambro vi aspetta con eventi ed appuntamenti.

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Appennino Bolognese

Scopri la pagina dedicata a S. Benedetto VDS sul sito di informazione turistica dell'Appennino Bolognese!

Luoghi da scoprire

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Appennino Open Air

Un giro a Madonna dei Fornelli

Il comune degli anelli

Iniziative, eventi, attività e servizi per il turismo all’aria aperta sull’Appennino Bolognese

Tra racconti e storie antiche, vieni a scoprire cosa si cela dietro Santuari e fornelli

Scegli il tuo colore, la tua meta, la tua ispirazione e parti a piedi, in mountainbike o...a cavallo!

Un giro a Qualto

Un borgo di origine antichissima, che presenta ancora oggi un'impostazione urbanistica di tipo medievale...

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